Hello World!

And so begins my first step in restarting this habit of writing a blog. It used be a thing when I was much younger, probably around 12 or 13, and I used to write them because my most of my friends did it. Most of the kids in my class would have a blog, or two, and we’d write a post almost every day, and spend time browsing (or defacing) the blogs of our friends after school.

Of course, the things which we wrote about last time were rather different; most of us described events that happened on that day, just like an ordinary diary. Well, except that all of us knew that there was an audience of similar-aged kids ready to spread gossip-worthy stories. No don’t get me wrong, I didn’t live my childhood during a time of rampant cyber-bullying. What I meant was that all of wrote with a clear audience in mind – our friends.

Now, going back to what we wrote on, some of my friends talked about the experiences they had, including those virtual and non-virtual. You see, computer games were a huge thing when I was a child. Not just console games that the generation before me had lived with, but massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) which allowed us to meet up after school in a virtual environment. MapleStory and Ragnarok Online were one of those that come to mind. Why? I guess Korean MMOs at that time featured cute, cartoon-looking characters that really attracted kids.

Some of my other friends would rant about school, their teachers, or even other classmates. They’d describe everything that had happened to the best of their ability, though suspiciously leaving out only the names of those actually involved. Needless to say, some of the conversations we had on our blogs resembled gossip circles or even little squabbles between disparate social clusters.

I remember that besides putting in effort to publish posts regularly (some of my friends even had this unspoken ‘competition’ of trying to outdo each other in publishing the most number of posts), many of us put time in trying to create beautiful looking blogs, by using the coolest-looking themes (by those days’ standards) that they could find. As many of us used Blogger at that time, which allowed you to edit the HTML template of your blog, the trend was to scour the internet and download HTML templates coded by private contributors. I guess it was the time when everyday users of the internet were beginning to pick up HTML or CSS skills to build better looking webpages, or customize their blogs. I was one of them too, but I can’t say that I remembered much about building websites ever since. I eventually picked up a copy of Dreamweaver some time later but just didn’t have the time and motivation to go about exploring it.

Anyway, many of those templates which were ‘popular’ among us at that time were those which had the most unique features, even if it meant being bizarre and irritating. Many blogs had those sparkles that trail your cursor, which are supposed to mimic some shooting star or fairy wand, or those annoying marquee effects which made reading absolutely a pain. The coolest feature of them all: an embedded music player which usually played the owner’s favorite songs. The catch? If you hated the songs, chances are, you weren’t able to turn them off because those audio players were hidden.

And we come to widgets, those weird applications at the side bars of a website. Most of us had those chatbox thingy at the side of our blogs. Not sure why we did that, but I guess it was a place where we could chat, discuss, curse, fight, comment and oh, did I say that most of our blogs didn’t have the comments function enabled? Actually I’m not too sure if they were intentionally disabled but most of those HTML templates which amateur creators made at that time didn’t really support comments.

Okay, so enough with trying to recall what blogs were like 10 years ago. I guess I got too engrossed in looking back that I didn’t realize I was missing the point of writing this post. So I’m back into writing, this time pretty much for the same reason, except that now it’s a young adult and not a (pre)teen behind the screen.

I guess it’ll be cool documenting the life, experiences and thoughts I had at this point of my life (actually, any point of my life for that matter of fact), and then being able to look back and see how much I will have grown. I’m looking at writing at least a post every day, regardless of how short it’ll be, and I’ll try to vary what I write so it doesn’t get too boring. It’s not like I’m expecting visitors, but I just want to record a different side of my life every day, and to show myself for who I am. Each post will be accompanied by a random picture which I took some time in my life. I can’t guarantee it’s of great quality but it’s always great to have some pictures to accompany a text. Of course if I’m able to think of a picture that relates to what I’m writing, I’ll certainly use it instead.

And I guess that’s it for my first post; I hope I’d be able to keep this up tomorrow!


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